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        To the quality strives for the survival, to the credibility of development

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        Taizhou Yihao mould is a one-stop manufacturing enterprise integrating design, production, marketing, processing and integration. It has successively served the mould design, development and manufacturing of hundreds of enterprises. Yihao mould firmly believes in people-oriented development belief, actively develops in the direction of intelligent mould manufacturing, absorbs and trains first-class professionals. Now it has a strong professional team and strong mold development and design strength. More than 100 sets of imported processing equipment and a perfect CAD / CAM / CAE design system make the mold development complete from design to production (shipment) in a one-stop operation in the factory, ensuring the characteristics of exquisite mold design, high manufacturing precision and long service life. Yihao has been highly praised by customers. Yihao has always adhered to the service concept of "customer-centered everything" and won the trust of customers with its products of "high quality, high efficiency and short cycle"

        Mold processing project process:

        Communication and adjustment of Yihao design team project:

        Mold manufacturing and production (production workshop)

        Mold finished products and product testing

        Packaging and cartoning of qualified products

        Logistics delivery (completed by cooperation)

        Yihao mould was based on the idea of "being professional, refined and strong" at the beginning of its establishment. Based on professional technical talents, professional hardware configuration and professional management system, and adhering to the business philosophy of creating value for customers, it has achieved high popularity in its professional field. With continuous innovation and improvement, Yihao will build a domestic leading and internationally famous mold enterprise with stronger strength.

        Strive to build an international leading mould (Professional) enterprise! Yihao is willing to work with colleagues from all walks of life to create common development and continue to provide customers with excellent products and high-quality services. We look forward to your visit and cooperation.


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